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Research Question

Why students are so heavily reliant on mobile phones while investigating the downsides of mobile phones in today’s modern society

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As students we depend on our mobile phones. Wether it be for communication, accessing college resources or just a break from college assignments. So what effect has spending large quantities of time on your smartphone. This project aims to examine some physiological and physical effects of mobile phone usage. It will explore Nomophobia, Social Interaction, Sleep deprivation and Fear of Missing Out (F.O.M.O). These effects will be highlighted in our interactive narrative which follows two characters and their social encounters with friends.

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Project Overview

Our project set out to create an awareness campaign on the effects of screen time through an informative interactive narrative. The project focuses on why people are so reliant on their mobile phones while investigating the downsides of screen usage.

Our interactive narrative will follow two characters and their daily interaction with mobile phones and different technology. Users will experience not only a narrative but also statistics and facts through an informative website explaining all our findings from our research. 

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In Ireland among those aged 18-24, night-time mobile phone usage is even more common, with 60% checking their devices in the small hours.


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